Seisodin Cloud

Intuitive cloud software for instrument management, data storage, analysis and automatic event processing.


Seisodin Cloud - Software for structural health monitoring, seismic data, automatic event processing

Seisodin Cloud is an innovative and modern cloud platform which integrates seamlessly with Seisodin Tilia-series accelerographs. No network configuration is required for Tilia instruments to work with the cloud. 

With Seisodin Cloud you can manage instruments and projects remotely as well as analyse data and create reports. Data uploaded from the instruments are stored with regional redundancy for maximum availability, and seamless backup. The system is built with a familiar interface and an intuitive work flow, making it one of the most user friendly solutions on the market. 

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Key Specifications

  • Instrument and Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Data Viewer
  • Data Analysis 
  • Report Generation
  • Multiple regional data centers; EU, US, Asia