Bridge Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring solutions for all types of Bridges

Bridge Monitoring

A bridge, short or long, high or low is a very critical piece of infrastructure. Bridges, by definition connect two places of interest which are otherwise hard or impossible to travel between. If a bridge is temporarily closed for repairs, or even worse, completely collapses, it can have huge cost implications for the local and global community. Additionally bridges are very exposed to the wind and weather, and highly sensitive to earthquakes. It is therefore essential that every entity owning a or maintaining a bridge, ensures that the structure is continuously monitored. Doing so can save down time, and help identify beginning structural problems before they become serious problems. 


Tilia Accelerographs help monitor bridges

Seisodin’s Tilia-series of structural health monitoring products are perfect for integration in bridge monitoring solutions. The Tilia Accelerographs are small, rugged and completely weather proof, and the high-end seismic accelerometers integrated in the instrument are perfectly suited for monitoring vibrations in a bridge. Additionally, the Seisodin Tilia Accelerographs (T130 and T100) can be daisy chained, and provide power and data between all devices using just a single cable with distances between each sensor node of up to 100 meters (330ft). Tilia Accelerographs  can also be configured with internal fiber optical transceivers (T130F and T100F), allowing you to daisy chain the devices with up to either 2km (1.2mi) or 20km (12mi) between each instrument – no extra boxes or products required! The long range, along with state-of-the-art measurements and extreme ruggedness makes the Tilia Accelerograph ideal for monitoring bridges – short or long. If you are in need of cellular connectivity, the devices can of course also be extended with cellular modems.


Seisodin Tilia T100F Seismic MEMS Accelerograph with Fiber Optical Ethernet

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