Monument Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring solutions for Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings Monitoring

Around the globe, there are hundreds of thousands of ancient buildings and structures which have historic and cultural meaning to the people living in the area, or even to the global community – like World Herritage Sites. Protecting these cultural structures are highly important in order to preserve history and traditions. In their nature, historic buildings are old, and the structural integrity of the building or monument may have decreased over the years – or it may always have been fragile due to ancient building techniques. Monitoring for vibrations in old buildings and monuments is a great way to ensure the stability of the structure, and to enable preservers to act before it is too late.

Ancient monuments and buildings may also be subject to vibration noise, shocks and ground movement from nearby construction work. Such induced vibrations, or changes in the underground, can be fatal for such old buildings. Therefore, historically important structures are often equipped with seismic vibration monitoring equipment when construction work, like subway tunneling or construction of highrise buildings is happening nearby.


Seisodin Tilia Accelerographs help engineers preserve history

By installing a few seismic-grade Seisodin Tilia Accelerographs on and around historic structures, it is possible to detect induced vibrations and underground movements which could be fatal for ancient monuments. Seisodin’s Tilia-series Accelerographs are small and easy to hide, weather proof and they come with integrated battery allowing for power interruptions or pure battery or solar operation.

Seisodins Force-Balance based Tilia Accelerographs (T130) have a best-in-class temperature stability, making them perfect for deployment in exposed and hot environments.


Seisodin Tilia Seismic Accelerograph

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