Dam Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring solutions for Hydro Power Plants and Dams

Dam Monitoring

Monitoring the dynamic response of a dam, like a hydro power plant, is absolutely essential for several reasons; If a dam fails, it can completely wipe out hundreds of acres of nature including plants and animals, and it can be fatal for nearby settlements and settlements many miles down-stream.

While a dam poses a potential threat, it plays a key role in the global struggle to switch to renewable energy sources. Dams around the world are hugely beneficial to the local and regional communities, but also benefit the world on a higher level. A collapsed dam can result in longterm power losses and bring with it enormous costs for reestablishment and reconstruction. 


How Seisodin products help

Monitoring a dam with strong motion accelerometers is a proven way to establish if the dam structure is in good health. By mounting 3-10 highly sensitive seismic accelerometers on and around the dam, it is possible to constantly, and automatically, monitor how the structure is behaving – that way it changes over time can be detected. In the event of an earthquake, seismologists and engineers can use the data recorded by the installed Seisodin system to assess if the structure has been damaged. It is also possible to configure automatic alarm issuance, so an alarm is set off if certain response parameters are exceeded. This alarm can be used to evacuate people, or engage other emergency procedures on the dam. 

Seisodin offers a full sensor solution for dam monitoring, including waterproof, highly integrated accelerographs based on state-of-the-art force balance accelerometers. Seisodins Tilia-series of structural health monitoring equipment offer best-in-market synchronization between the sensors – even over distances up to 2km (1.2mi) or 20km (12mi) using integrated fiber optical daisy chaining. The ability to have long distances between sensors is an essential feature for structural monitoring in dams and other large structures. By integrating long-range communication directly in the instrument, the system complexity is reduced and the reliability of the system is increased considerably. 

Seisodin Tilia T130F Seismic FBA Accelerograph with Fiber Optical Ethernet

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