Tilia T130F

24bit 3-axis Force-Balance Accelerograph with dual fiber optical ethernet interface

Seisodin Tilia T130F Seismic FBA Accelerograph with Fiber Optical Ethernet

The Seisodin Tilia T130F is a highly integrated Strong Motion Accelerograph with integrated dual fiber optical ethernet transceivers. The T130F is tailored for precision structural and civil monitoring applications. The instruments provide ultra precise measurements using 3 state-of-the-art force-balance accelerometers (FBA) and 24-bit digitizers, all while being highly reliable and extremely easy to use.

The Tilia T130F comes with dual fiber optical ethernet transceivers integrated directly in the instrument for up to 2km or 20km (12mi) distance between daisy-chained devices. The integrated UPS in every instrument ensures continuous recording during power outages and cable breakages ensuring that data is never lost. Tilia accelerographs provide extremely precise timing. The system relies on a hardware-backed phase-locked PTP integration, which ensures industry-leading offsets between daisy chained devices as low as 40 nano-seconds!

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Key Specifications

  • 3 x Force-Balance Accelerometers
  • ±4g, ±2g, others by request
  • 155dB, 140dB @ 10Hz, 130dB @ 50Hz
  • 200Hz bandwidth
  • 3 x 24-bit ADC’s
  • 2 x Built-in Fiber Optical Ethernet
  • Daisy-chain topology
  • 40ns timing precision
  • Simultaneous Sampling
  • Hardware backed PTP (IEEE 1588)
  • Integrated UPS w. removable battery
  • micro-SD + USB
  • Optional combination of Fiber and Twisted Pair